Six Six Six – Limited Release print run exclusive to Harry’s Friends


The latest news for you about Six Six Six, the second crime thriller by Harry Fisher.

While I haven’t yet given up on attracting an agent for Six Six Six, that option is heading towards unlikely. And, even if it does happen, the process of getting the book to launch would probably take about a year.

So, I’m now actively considering a limited release print run that would be exclusive to Harry’s Friends. If there’s enough interest and I can cover my costs, it’ll go ahead.

Which is where you come in. Would you like to order a signed copy (or copies), probably at £6 each? Delivery will be free if I can get them to you easily enough, otherwise I’ll have to add P&P – sorry about that.

Now, how exclusive is this deal? Well, I won’t be putting it out on general sale (e.g. Amazon) until I’ve completely exhausted the agency option – this autumn at the earliest. And, if the book is ever picked up by a publisher, the title might be changed but they would certainly change the cover. Also, editors might alter the story to one degree or another. Therefore, with this Limited Release, you will have a genuine first edition.

If you’d like to order, please email me direct at with the number of copies you’d like and I’ll reply with more info and payment details.

I’ve appended the back cover blurb and the first sentence below.

Finally, I’m working to a fairly tight timescale so I’d appreciate a reply by 7th Feb.

Thank you, and take care,


Six events … happen to Six people … and Six lives are destroyed.

WHY have all six suffered devastating acts of retribution?

WHO is responsible?

And WHERE does a serial blackmailer fit in?

DS Melissa (Mel) Cooper is trying to find the answers …

while her bosses are desperate to stop her.

Opening sentence:

When Celia Fraser, who only had one arm, had left her Edinburgh home that morning with her granddaughter and her dog, she could never have imagined that only one of the three would return home safely.

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