"Characters were realistically described, and sadly all too prevalent in today's society!"​
"I loved the originality of the plot, too often when you read a crime novel the same themes pop up but this one certainly caught my attention."​
"The plot is original, the characters are engaging and it's all too believable. An antidote to the unrealistic superheroes who stalk too many modern thrillers."​
"You never quite know where it will go next!"​
Dr A W McK
"Crime fiction is my favourite genre and I was not disappointed."​
"As a serving Police Officer it was refreshing to see the attention to detail around the correct procedures and processes and it hit on a type of crime that’s ever more prevalent! "​
Amazon Customer
"Great book. Holiday read, and had my family asking if I could take my nose out of the book for a bit."​
"Excellent book, great plot, interesting characters and really well written. I read a lot of fiction and this was the most enjoyable book I have read in ages."​
"I read plenty books and this one was so different. Have recommended it to many friends."​

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"'Way Beyond A Lie' opens with a gripping plot premise, introduces us to believable and fleshed out characters, gallops along at a cracking pace and builds to a very satisfactory conclusion with a neat twist.
"In this modern day the plot is fresh and believable, relying heavily on the way we all interact with technology to create tension. It is refreshing to find a novel that leads the reader into a sense of the unknown."​
“The ending left me satisfied, which is often not the case with crime thrillers”