Reviews … and bad news

The good news first. Way Beyond A Lie now has 85 Amazon reviews and is still rating 4.8 stars. That’s wildest dreams territory.

But then …. A reader, Graham, tried to review but Amazon blocked him. I investigated (Mel was busy that day) and discovered the number of reviews was down by one. The one that was missing had been posted by Graham’s missus about six months earlier. It’s an Amazon thing – if two people try to review and they are in any way electronically “related” even through a shared delivery address, Amazon sees that as cheating and bins both reviews. I’ve lost at least seven reviews that I know of, which is a pain – not least for those who’ve taken the time and trouble to post.  

But if you don’t share accounts and you’d like to post a review, you’ll need an active Amazon account. If you bought a paperback from me, find the book on Amazon, click on the existing customer reviews, then click Write A Review. If you ordered a paperback or Kindle copy through Amazon, go to Accounts and Lists, Your Orders then do the same as above.

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