Harry Fisher Writer – The News Doesn’t Come Any BIGGER Than This

Utterly AMAZING NEWS, folks – after six months of hawking Six Six Six around literary agencies and publishers (41 rejected submissions in total) I am way beyond delighted to announce that Harry Fisher has agreed a publishing contract with Hobeck Books www.hobeck.net

Rebecca Collins and Adrian Hobart are lovely people with an ingenious logo and a wonderful vision, and I’m thrilled and excited to be teaming up with them.

The outline plan is to publish Six Six Six as the first book in the DI Mel Cooper / DS Andrew Young series but we’re also discussing if Hobeck might publish Way Beyond A Lie as a prequel, as that book introduces our ace crime-fighting duo (sorry, Warner Bros). Audio books are another option we will consider.

More to follow on publication timescales and all that stuff but provisionally we’re talking the latter half of 2021.

A huge thank you to everyone who’s helped and encouraged me along the way, you will never know just how much it’s been appreciated. And, ladies, if you want to audition for the part of Mel in The Movie, you’d better brush up on your Embra accents. (Translation: Edinburgh) 

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