Published 17 May 2022

Yes, I Killed Her

And I got away with it.

So why isn’t that enough?

Committing the perfect murder is the ultimate crime. But in today’s electronic age, with rapid and ingenious advances in science and digital forensics, is the perfect murder remotely possible?

Edwin Fuller is convinced it is. He’s cunning, calculating, and chilling. He makes a plan. He carries it out. And he kills his wife.

Edinburgh cop, DI Melissa (Mel) Cooper arrests her prime suspect. But it’s not Edwin Fuller. His plan has worked; he’s got away with murder. Case closed.

Until Fuller makes his big mistake.

Placing him right back in Mel’s sights.

 Harry Fisher’s audacious follow-up crime thriller, starring Edinburgh detective Mel Cooper. She takes no crap, not even from the bad guys.

* * *

Yes, I Killed Her (2022) – #2 in the DI Melissa (Mel) Cooper series.