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‘I know exactly what you’ve been going through.’

Ross McKinlay’s fairly ordinary life turns a somersault when his Italian wife, Carla, disappears from inside an Edinburgh supermarket.

As the reasons for her disappearance emerge, his moods intensify from anxiety and confusion to disbelief and outrage.

Then a stranger approaches him with a bizarre proposition, and claims: ‘I know exactly what you’ve been going through.’

Can Ross trust him? Does this man genuinely know why Carla vanished and where she is now? And what do they uncover that forces Ross to hunt down his missing wife?

To a ruthless criminal gang operating from Eastern Europe, Ross and Carla McKinlay have become a problem. And a brutal killer is despatched with orders to eradicate that problem: permanently.

But Ross is oblivious. He is unaware that he is in mortal danger … or that the clock is running down.