About harry

Hi there,

I’m Harry Fisher, and I write crime thrillers.

I live in Aberdeen with my wife, Shiona, and our dog, Harry. And there it is – the lie exposed. Harry Fisher (the writer) is a pseudonym and here’s why. Despite the fact that in my entire life I’ve never met anyone with the same name as me, when I came to self-publish my debut thriller, Way Beyond A Lie I discovered a namesake down south who writes crime thrillers. Honestly, what are the chances? (Mutter mutter.)

I’m a native of Edinburgh – more specifically, Leith – and my books are set mainly in and around that area. Write about what you know, and all that.

My first published crime thriller Be Sure Your Sins came out in October 2021 – the first in a series starring DI Melissa (Mel) Cooper and her sidekick DS Andrew Young. The story is about Six Events that happen to Six People and destroy Six Lives. Oh, and there’s a serial blackmailer in there too.

Then Way Beyond A Lie appeared the following month, November 2021. I originally self-published it as a standalone thriller, and it was this book that introduced Mel and Andrew. They were investigating the disappearance of a woman who vanished while supermarket shopping with her husband. Lots of people who read the original issue of Way Beyond A Lie told me they loved these two characters, so giving them their own series was a no brainer.

Book two in the DI Mel Cooper series is Yes, I Killed Her – published May 2022. Edwin Fuller believes he’s committed the perfect murder, and he’s got away with it. So why isn’t that enough?  At that point, Fuller makes his big mistake, placing him right back in Mel’s sights.

And a fantastic piece of news about Yes, I Killed Her – James Oswald (Scottish crime writer and Kindle best-seller) read the book and stated, “I’d recommend this to anyone”. As you can imagine, I was chuffed to little mint balls about that!

And my next book? Well, it’s only an idea burbling around in my head at the moment but I hope it will be out sometime in 2023.

Things I’m into apart from walking the canine Harry every day: travel, outdoor stuff, wine and food, and if all four can be aligned then so much the better.

All the best, and if you’d like to keep in touch and receive exclusive content please become one of ‘Harry’s Friends’ by submitting your name and email in the box below.

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