Coming Soon – 48 Hours, Then She Dies

If all goes to plan, DI Mel Cooper #3 will hit the streets on 12th March 2024. Here’s the blurb:

In the early hours of a 1966 January morning, a grandfather is murdered in Leith docks. There are no suspects. No witnesses. Forensic evidence is sparse. The crime is never solved, and the case is closed in 1980.

In 2023, a young woman is abducted. DI Melissa (Mel) Cooper listens with disbelief as the kidnapper states his demands. “Reopen the case. Solve my grandfather’s murder. And meet my deadline – 48 hours. If you fail, she dies”.

Once he sets events in motion, this petrified young woman sees precisely how and when she will die – and it will be by the most vile and inhumane method imaginable.

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