Yes, I Killed Her – “I’d recommend this to anyone” (James Oswald)

I was so chuffed when Scottish crime writer, James Oswald (New York Times bestseller, and Kindle #1 author of the Tony McLean series) read Yes, I Killed Her and was kind enough to endorse it with, “I’d recommend this to anyone”.

What’s so brilliant about this is I didn’t know James before he read the book so his was genuinely an impartial review. Here are some of his other comments:

“Set in Edinburgh, the story switches between the apparently mild-mannered killer of the title, and DI Cooper herself. It’s a clever conceit to make this a why- and how-dunnit rather than the more traditional who, and Harry Fisher carries it off with great skill.

You’ve a knack for characterisation, and the split points of view between DI Cooper’s first person narrative and Edwin Fuller’s third person works really well.

You write really well, with a great cast of characters to keep me interested and a very intriguing plot.

Yes, I Killed Her definitely gets the full two thumbs up from me. Overall the book was a triumph”.

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